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Forex Strategy

Day Trading Forex strategy, based on Price Action and no Indicators. Forex trading real money live examples.

53 lectures
7 hours
Language - English
Last updated - Nov 2019
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What You’ll Learn

quickly learn mechanism of correct trading
get only useful things that need to know for trading
understand what need to use in day trading
how to prepare yourself for trading day, make quick market analysis
where to open and close orders correctly
see how and where to use stops and aims
secrets of candlesticks and time-frames
understand correctly technical and fundamental analysis
truth about indicators, use it or not
learn how to work with locks and don't get losses
see difference between my trading strategy and others
understand why beginners lose 1st deposits
understand how to use my trading strategy correctly or build your own strategy with my knowledge

Included Content

  • Main things that need to use in trading Forex Market (2)
    11 lectures
    • Introduction to my strategy
    • Technical or Fundamental analysis
    • Levels for correct trading
    • Time frames for successful trading
    • Trends and Flats
    • Forex Indicators
    • Secrets of candlesticks on Forex
    • Classic Patterns for trading
    • Work on Forex News
    • Aims and Stops determination
    • Forex Trading without losses
  • Main things that need to use in trading Forex Market (1)
    11 lectures
    • Introduction to my strategy (old)
    • Technical or Fundamental analysis (old)
    • Levels for correct trading (old)
    • Time frames for successful trading (old)
    • Trends and Flats (old)
    • Forex Indicators (old)
    • Secrets of candlesticks on Forex (old)
    • Classic Patterns for trading (old)
    • Work on Forex News (old)
    • Stops and aims determination (old)
    • Forex Trading without losses (old)
  • Forex Trading - Way how to analyze Forex for successful trading
    9 lectures
    • Introduction
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze GBPUSD (day 1)
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze EURUSD (day 1)
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze GBPUSD (day 2)
    • Scalping – detailed info how to analyze GBPUSD (day 2)
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze EURUSD (day 2)
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze GBPUSD (day 3)
    • Day trading – detailed info how to analyze EURUSD (day 3)
    • Middle-term and long-term trading – detailed info how to make analysis (day 3)
  • Way how to get profit in Day Trading
    1 lecture
    • Weekly Overview – Learn how to read Forex chat and extract profit
  • FAQ
    6 lectures
    • Introduction
    • Questions and Answers (part 1)
    • Questions and Answers (part 2)
    • Questions and Answers (part 3)
    • Questions and Answers (part 4)
    • Questions and Answers (part 5)
  • Fast way to start Forex for beginners
    15 lectures
    • Introduction for beginners
    • You are new to Forex?
    • Forex is a hobby or job?
    • Forex is not a Casino
    • Statistics – Success and loss
    • How to earn on Forex
    • Forex books helps you to build simple Forex Trading Strategy
    • Forex Strategies, Robots or Advisers
    • Analyst forecast, believe or not
    • Forex sessions, best trading
    • Follow News on Forex
    • Good currency pairs for trading Forex
    • Scalping, easy intraday, middle-term and long-term trading
    • Expectation and reality of beginner traders
    • Forex Strategies VS my Forex Strategy


Short information about this course:

Section 1 – Main things that need to use in trading Forex (updated info from Section 2)

Section 2 – Material that is necessary to know for trading Forex

Section 3 – Forex currency pair analysis for day trading, scalping and long-term trading

Section 4 – Method how to trade and make profit on Forex

Section 5 - FAQ

Section 6 – fast way to start Forex for beginners.


Section 1 and 2:

These two sections include material, what exactly I use in my trading strategy. One part recorded long time ago, and another part updated.

In both sections you will get direct and useful information that need to know and use in trading on Forex.

I share only those things that is necessary to use in trading, and it doesn’t contain Forex surface material, like: who are brokers; what is Forex, currencies, financial marketplaces, etc.

In these sections I share the information only for trading on Forex Market. What need to use in correct trading for getting profit, and what things don’t need to use at all. I explain how to use correctly classic patterns, candlesticks, indicators, levels, etc.

I share secrets how to make trading without losses, even if the market went against your orders, participate in both currency pair directions, where to close whole orders or part of orders.

This course will help you to understand exactly how to trade on Forex and extract profit from it. This is the main aim for all traders on Forex – trade and make profit.

This method is able to use in any type of trading, from scalping to long-term trading.


Section 3 and 4:

Here I explain the method of analyzing Forex currency pairs for trading in details. What is important to know and pay attention on, when you start trading day.

I share full information that I use in my own trading, how I analyze market situation before I open or close position, how and where I put stop-losses and take profit orders.

In this section course you will get main things about currency pair analysis, and this method will help you to determinate good points where to enter or exit the market. As I don’t use indicators in my trading, it takes much less time for analyzing and not complicated.

This course is good for beginners and unsuccessful advanced traders, as this simple method is easy for use and don’t need to spend a lot of time, up-to 5 minutes takes to prepare yourself for trading and find the points where to work in any type of trading.

Analyzing the market is the most important part of trading, so it shouldn’t be complicated. I do it before trading very quickly, and it helps me correctly understand market situation and make profit.


Section 5:

In this section you will find answers on frequently asked questions:

List of most popular questions that students ask me:

1 - How to become Forex trader from beginning?

2 - How much time I have to spend in front of computer trading your strategy?

3 - What time you usually trade according to GMT, and how to trade with different GMTs?

4 - How quickly I will start earning money after I check your course and learn your trading strategy?

5 - How much money I need for trading your strategy, and what volumes should I trade and how much profit can I make?

6 - How fast is possible to quit full-time job and become independent trader with your strategy?

7 - Does your trading strategy reliable to be used as a full time job?

8 - What is win and lose trades ratio?

9 - Does your strategy based on technical analysis?

10 - What is your maximum loss per order and profit per order, and how you control it?

11 - Is it possible to earn 2-3-5 figures using your strategy?

12 - How much difficult your strategy is, and how many factors need to keep in mind before making decision on entry or exit orders?

13 - I have watched many courses about Forex and I still don’t get profit. I see you make profit and I want to copy your strategy, and do same, how can I do it quickly?

14 - Should I follow News if I make long-term trading?

15 - Is there a possibility to combine your strategy with other strategy?

16 - Is it possible to make a robot on your strategy?

17 - Is that true that Forex trading strategy will not work on Stock market?

18 - Can I use your strategy on other financial markets, like Stock market, CFDs, Options?

19 - Why you trade only Forex, but not try to trade Stocks, CFDs, Options?

20 - How to avoid slow market, so I don’t spend all day and get nothing?

21 - What pair is better to trade if EUR/USD has no movement in a day?

22 - What to do if I have many orders made by averaging?

23 - Do you make averaging?

24 - How you trade on 5 minute chart, as many traders consider it as noise of the market?

25 - I didn’t hear any information about trailing stops from you, do you use it?


Section 6:

This section is for total beginners, who start Forex, and don’t know the correct way of learning.

In this section, I share the information how you need to start learning Forex basics, what you need to know and what need to avoid while learning.

As a trader, I know how I was learning Forex in the beginning, and I how much time I spent on it. Now I see whole picture what need to know to spend much less time on it.

This course will save your time in starting Forex, comparing self-learning without knowing where to start.

Usually learning Forex basics by correct way takes no longer than a week, with practice on MT4, for testing trading. Then it is possible to start learning Strategy.

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